We have a range of discipleship, education, and fellowship opportunities for adults of all ages at First Presbyterian Church. Our education program offers a range of Sunday school classes, extending from college age to senior adults; some of these are for men and women only while others are for couples. Likewise, we offer a range of Bible studies on Wednesday nights as part of our program on that evening, covering particular biblical topics as well as themes for Christian living.

Central to our life together are our K-groups. The “K” stands for “koinonia,” which is the Greek word for “fellowship”; these groups, which tend to be age-and-stage affinity groups, are meant to provide an opportunity to know ten or twelve other people in the congregation around the dining room table and by praying for each other. Our ministers work hard to make sure that everyone who wants to be in a K-group is able to find one; if you are interested in this, please let Knox Baird know at