Vision & Values

We believe that worship is, broadly speaking, the Christian’s joyful response in all of life to what God has done for us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the corporate expression of this lifestyle of worship is the regular gathering of God’s people in a service of worship on the Lord’s Day, and we are committed to offering our God worship that reflects and pursues these values and characteristics:



            - The Gospel is the good news of God’s favor poured out on sinners through his Son. Worship is a response to this free grace given to us in Christ, not a way of acquiring or earning God’s grace.

            - We believe that the Gospel is what every worshipper needs, whether they be a visiting skeptic, a new believer, or a long-time church member, because the Gospel is how God both converts unbelievers and nurtures believers. Gospel-centered worship is naturally evangelistic, and so we aim to offer worship that is accessible and inviting to the unbelievers among us.

            - We strive to make the Gospel clear not only in the individual elements of our worship service (the sermon, prayers, songs, etc), but also in the overall flow and structure of the service itself.



            - We believe that our worship should be guided and regulated by how the Triune God directs us to worship in his Word.

            - Covenant theology shapes our worship principles and practices. We view corporate worship as divinely initiated, redemptive dialogue between God and his covenant people.

            - Every aspect of our worship service demonstrates a deep engagement with Scripture, because we believe that the Holy Spirit uses God’s Word to instruct, correct, and train in righteousness.



            - God’s people are called to worship together as a body of believers who express their common union with Christ and communion with each other through corporate worship. We strive to offer our worship in a way that glorifies God alone while engaging, edifying, and ministering to the broad range of people that God has called together in this body.

            - Worship is a corporate activity of the people, not just the ministers and musicians. We strive to offer worship that encourages the full and active participation of the people throughout the service.

- We prioritize the congregation’s voice as the primary musical instrument in the worship service. We embrace a deep love for the hymns and songs from our Reformed and Presbyterian tradition, as well as current hymns and songs that reflect our theological commitments.


Reverent and Welcoming:

            - Our passion is to offer glorifying worship that reflects God’s majesty, transcendence, and holiness, in a manner that is warm, welcoming, and approachable. Our aim is reverent worship that is presented with excellence, structured with thoughtfulness, and led with joy.